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Dealing With Sin In Church

Matthew 18:15-20. Dealing with sin in a church is one of the key ways God moves Christians beyond mere tolerance and into true fellowship and Christian love.

What Is Church?

Chris Horton from All Nations in Wolverhampton preaches about Jesus’ definition of Church

Reconciliation and Vocation

Luke 20:21-23 – Our individual vocation as Christians is founded on the Church’s mission to reconcile all things in Christ

The Bride Is Found

John 19:31-37 – Blood and water from Jesus side point us to the Church as the new Eve, a bride for Christ.

Church Vision – 4 – Overflowing With The King's Grace

The third mission of the Church is to overflow with the King’s grace, revealing the abundant goodness of God’s character and of creation by literally “doing good” to the world around. The river of the water of life flows from the throne of God, through the streets of the City of God and out into the world bringing healing and life. This picture is a picture of God’s grace flowing out of the Church transforming the world around and bringing glory to God. We are saved to do good works, and this overflow to the world commends and authenticates the Gospel, deepens our knowledge of God and enriches our experience of the life of the Spirit.