The Bride Is Found

In Audio, Sermons by Geoff Chapman

Sermon Outline: John 19:31-37 – The Bride Is Found
  1. Exposition – John links the wound in Jesus’ side with the creation of Eve as a fulfilment of the bridegroom’s search.
  2.  Doctrine
    1. The church is a new creation, (i) supernaturally created and (ii) supernaturally sustained.
    2. The church is created for fellowship with Christ, (i) fellowship in likeness, (ii) fellowship in difference and (iii) in fruitfulness
  3. Applications
    1. Christ delights in his church, so can we, through grace!
    2. The marks of the true church – Word, sacraments and discipline, – enable us to do that
    3. You have a part to play in the Church’s mission
    4. The spiritual life of a church affirms the goodness of creation, it doesn’t squash it.
    5. We should long for Christ’s return, when all will be consummated