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Luke’s Great Commission

Luke 24:44-49
In a second “annunciation” Jesus foretells the fruitfulness of the Gospel among the Gentiles to the disciples, fulfilling Isaiah 54 and calling us to prepare for fruitful evangelism.

Broiled Fish

Luke 24:36-43
Luke’s Gospel emphasises the physicality of Jesus’ resurrection and points to the importance of our bodies for knowing God.

The Road to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-35
The two disciples go from wanting to answers to wanting Jesus, from wanting a Messiah to wanting the Messiah.  As they start to want a personal relationship with Him, he appears.

Reconciliation and Vocation

Luke 20:21-23 – Our individual vocation as Christians is founded on the Church’s mission to reconcile all things in Christ

New Creation, New Image

John 20:19-22 – We become part of the new creation through faith in Christ, we are born again. God begins his new creation with us to more fully display the glory of the cross.

Resurrection & New Creation

John 20:1-23 – Jesus’ resurrection marks the first day of the new creation. He is making all things new, starting with mankind.