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Matthew’s Gospel

The Sheep & The Goats

Does the fact that we will be judged by our actions to “the least of these” mean that we are only saved if we do enough good works?

The Parable of The Talents

All Christians have been given a priceless treasure in this life that we are to use for God’s glory. Recognising the worth of that gift Jesus warns us about the challenges that prevent us from faithfully discharging our duty: namely laziness, greed and pride.

Oil In Your Lamp

The Parable of The Ten Virgins – What is the oil that we need to have in our lamps to be ready for Jesus?

The Greatest Commandment

Matthew 22:34-40 – The Greatest Commandment – The simplicity of Jesus’ summary of the law presents us with two big questions: Do we grasp how wonderful our salvation is? Do we really want it?

Give To God What Is God’s

Matthew 22:15-22 – Jesus commands us to obey civil authorities, but the bigger picture is how this should flow out of our complete devotion to God.

Labouring in Vain

Matthew 20:1-16 – Jesus answers Peter’s question about the rewards for following Him

You Must Forgive

Matthew 18:21-35 – Jesus answers Peter’s question, “How many times must I forgive?”

Dealing With Sin In Church

Matthew 18:15-20. Dealing with sin in a church is one of the key ways God moves Christians beyond mere tolerance and into true fellowship and Christian love.