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Mark’s Gospel

Keep Watch!

Mark 13:24-37 – How should we live in the light of Jesus’ return? The Lord says we should “keep watch!”

Don’t Get Distracted

Mark 13:1-8 – Before telling them the signs of the end, Jesus tells the disciples not to get sidetracked…

The Widow’s Gift

Mark 12:28-44 – The widow’s gift at the temple treasury shows us how we can give our whole life to God.

Blind Bartimaeus

Mark 10:46-52 – Blind Bartimaeus is moved by faith to call out to Jesus, and is healed.

To Serve Not To Be Served

Mark 10:35-45 – Jesus tells the ambitious and squabbling disciples that even the Messiah came to serve, not to be served.

The Rich Young ruler

Mark 10:17-31 – A rich young ruler asks Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life.


Mark 9:30-37 – The disciples encounter someone casting out demons in Jesus’ name. Jesus’ response to their question helps us to understand God’s heart for the wholeness of the Church.

Pride, Humility and Service

Mark 9:30-37 – Pride puts us in opposition to God, humility and service bring us fellowship with him and fullness of life.

Take Up Your Cross

Mark 8:27-38 – Jesus tells us that we must take our cross to follow him, this helps us to understand the place of suffering in the Christian life.