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John 17

Set Apart For God

John 17:16-19 – Jesus prays that the Father would sanctify the disciples, setting them apart for his purposes

God’s Protection

John 17:9-16 – Jesus prays that the apostles would be protected by the Father. In the light of their martyrdom what does God’s protection actually mean?

Four Foundational Truths About Jesus

John 17:6-12 – As Jesus begins to pray for his disciples he says that they have come to believe 4 specific things about him. These form a fundamental part of Apostolic Christology.

The Glorified Son Glorifies The Father

John 17:1-5 – Praying for the coming events of the Easter Weekend and his Ascension, Jesus asks the Father to be glorified so he can commence his Kingly reign to bring glory to the Father. During the Son’s kingly reign until his return, the Father is chiefly glorified in the salvation of men and women.