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Chapter 24

Continually In The Temple

Luke 24:50-53
Luke’s short account of the ascension has a number of deliberate links with Leviticus 9 which help us to understand the significance of the ascension for the mission of the Church.

Luke’s Great Commission

Luke 24:44-49
In a second “annunciation” Jesus foretells the fruitfulness of the Gospel among the Gentiles to the disciples, fulfilling Isaiah 54 and calling us to prepare for fruitful evangelism.

Broiled Fish

Luke 24:36-43
Luke’s Gospel emphasises the physicality of Jesus’ resurrection and points to the importance of our bodies for knowing God.

The Road to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-35
The two disciples go from wanting to answers to wanting Jesus, from wanting a Messiah to wanting the Messiah.  As they start to want a personal relationship with Him, he appears.