Pleased To Give You The Kingdom

In Audio, Sermons by Geoff Chapman

Luke 12:32-40
Jesus’ statement that “Your Father is pleased to give you the Kingdom” turns human fear and striving upside down.

With echoes of God’s words to Abraham in Genesis 15, Jesus reassures us that, like Abraham, no matter how weak we are, God’s faithfulness is enough.  This confidence should free us from fear-filled effort, and action and give us faith to obey God freely.

The focus for that contrast between fear and faith is often found in our attitude to possessions and people, hence Jesus’ command in verse 33.   Fear leads us to value “things” too highly, to protect ourselves and so suffer a slow spiritual death. Faith leads us to invest in eternal things by loving people as God commands, using our possessions to serve that eternal good, this brings the life of heaven into our hearts now. 

When we live in faith not fear, we are not living “other-worldy” or unrealistic lives, rather our lives make more sense of the world, since everything was made for Christ and will be fulfilled at his return.