Christians and God’s Law – Introduction To The Ten Commandments

In Audio, Sermons by Geoff Chapman

Exodus 19 – Sermon Outline

Introduction – What have the ten commandments got to do with being a Christian?
A good question because: 1. Questions raised by the way the New Testament refers to them  2. The place they have in God’s revelation to Israel.  3.  Church history   4. Contemporary “hyper-grace” preaching  5.  Moral confusion is flooding our society.

  1. Flourishing & Fencing
    In their external form they are recognised universally and give us a minimum common standard for Christian behaviour.
  2. Freeing
    Having been liberated from the curse of the law, the commandments lead us to the joyful realisation of what God will do in us because of Christ
  1. Fulfiling
    Understanding them leads us to maturity as children of God.