In Audio, Sermons by Geoff Chapman

Sermon Outline: John 19:1-3 & 14-22 – Coronation

1. Intro
The crucifixion is a coronation.  The Kingdom of God looks like this.

2.  Why Is Kingship Such A Big Deal For John’s Gospel?

  1. For his Jewish Readers: The rejection of Christ as Messiah was the culmination of a pattern of faithlessness in the nation of Israel.  But Jesus, was faithful and brought to fulfilment God’s promises for Israel.
  2. For people who aren’t Christians: Faith in Jesus means letting go of our vision of what life should be and living in Jesus’ Kingdom instead
  3. For Christians:  A Reminder that following Christ means constantly being re-challenged by the cross to live a life filled with love

3. Applications – How to seek this Kingdom

  1. If you Love “love” (as revealed at the cross) you love God and will recognise his Kingdom at work, even when things seem bad or others don’t recognise it.
  2. God’s way is powerful, even when it doesn’t look like it.  Small obediences have eternal results.
  3. Be prepared: following God will cost us in term of worldly success
  4. Ask the Spirit to open your eyes to the Kingdom around you
  5. A warning – Rebellion and disobedience bring emptiness and destruction, no matter what our reasons
  6. Remember, God is faithful, his Kingdom in this world is just the start of a Kingdom that will go on forever.