The World Did Not Know Him

In Audio, Sermons by Geoff Chapman

Sermon Outline: John 18:28-19:16 – The World Did Not Know Him

John brings to dramatic finale the theme from John 1:10 – The world’s inability to know Jesus.  

Doctrine & Application
A. “The world” revealed as the ignorant under the influence of Antichrist

  1. This helps us to understand and explain the times we live in

B. The things that keep people from recognising Jesus:
B.1 Self-righteousness – substituting anything for the righteousness that comes from God,   through Christ, in the Spirit.

  1. Set your sights on righteousness of God, not religiosity or worldly hypocrisy
  2. Remember the purpose of religion
  3. Judge by fruit not by appearance
  4. Self-righteousness is very dangerous – check regularly!

B.2 Worldliness – “Slavery to God’s good creation rather than mastery over it.  It is characterised by fear, ignorance, confusion, lusts and enslavement.”

  1. What’s stopping you from following Jesus more fully?
  2. The world we live in tries to make us worldly, now more than ever!  Focus on Christ instead.
  3. We follow a King whose Kingdom is not of this world.