Jesus Prays That The Church Would Be One

In Audio, Sermons by Geoff Chapman

Sermon Outline: John 17:20-26

  • Jesus is praying that the Church would embody the love that exists in God through the relationships that exist between Christians.
    1. The Goal: For each of us to live a life that gives most glory to God.
    2. The means: By giving ourselves for each other in the church, in general and through the gifts God gives us.
    3. The result: Each one living a life far more glorious than we could on our own, woven together with other lives to show the diverse riches of Christ’s glory.  Harmonious Unity.
  • Fellowship has boundaries: It’s available only to those who believe the Apostles’ message, it’s only made possible by the gift of the Holy Spirit and it’s focused on obedience to Christ / the glory of God. Why?
    1. It’s about God’s glory, not ours.
    2. We are called to love one another first in order to overflow with God’s love to others.
  • What’s a stake?
    1. The conviction of the World about who Jesus is
    2. Our own knowledge of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    3. Experience of heavenly life now in fellowship
  • Applications:
    1. Set our hearts on being “one”
    2. Recognising the stakes we should:  Avoid all that destroys unity, Use all that God gives us to be “one”, Ask God for more grace – pray with Christ.