Set Apart For God

In Audio, Sermons by Geoff Chapman

Sermon Outline: John 17:16-19

Exposition: Jesus prays that the Father would sanctify the disciples – that means that he would set them apart for God’s purposes

Teaching & Application:

  1. All Christians should try to be “set apart” for God’s purpose.
    1. Why? It makes us available to God.
    2. Why? It makes us willing to serve.
    3. What does it mean to be “Set Apart”?
      1. Caring about the little things, doing the easy things
      2. Making space to serve God with time and money
  • Holding the ground Christ has conquered in your life
  1. Listening to the Holy Spirit’s personal instructions
  2. Setting apart Christ as Lord in our hearts
  1. God’s Word – the Bible – is his means of setting us apart
  2. Holiness is impossible, pointless and dangerous, if it isn’t aimed at righteousness / love
  3. Holiness is a treasure bought by Christ and gifted to each Christian