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Four Foundational Truths About Jesus

SERMON OUTLINE – John 17:6-12

As Jesus begins to pray for his disciples he says that they have come to believe 4 specific things about him (vs7-8). The prominence of these 4 things, here in this prayer, and the way they are mentioned elsewhere in John’s Gospel points to their importance. They were vitally important for the founding of the church and for its growth and security against error. Getting these beliefs about right Jesus is important for us too and for how we tell people about Jesus. The four things were:

1 Jesus’ ministry was only possible by the power of the Father. (Vs 7) When sharing the Gospel it is important not only that our message is true but for our message and method to demonstrate that Jesus can transform lives powerfully. In our own lives do you have confidence that Jesus can minister powerfully to you and through you?

2 Jesus spoke the Father’s Words. (Vs 8a) We should have confidence that the words of Jesus are of utmost importance for us and others. In sharing the Gospel we should have confidence that Jesus’ words can speak powerfully to people.

3 That Jesus came from the Father’s presence, i.e. that Jesus is truly God. (Vs 8b) This reminds us of Christ’s humility, he left his glory to take our sin upon himself because only God is able to pay the price for our sin and because only by uniting his divinity with our flesh could he share with us God’s spirit, making us children of God and giving us eternal life.

4 He was sent by the Father. (Vs 8c) While Jesus gave himself for us, we mustn’t forget that the initiative in our salvation begins with the Father. This helps us to remember that the Father loves us too, that he is not angry with us or somehow less loving than Jesus. It also reassures us that all things work together for our good and salvation. In sharing the Gospel we can share the love of the Father for the lost too.

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