Relating to Christ as King

In Audio, Sermons by Geoff Chapman


Matthew 21:1-16

The Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, just days before his passion, is both a fulfilment of Jewish prophecy and something that points forward to the fullness of Christ’s Kingdom.  It highlights for us again the importance of relating to Jesus not only as saviour, but as King.  This is especially relevant for us in a culture where Kingship has lost its meaning, an it’s important for our faith too for several reasons:

  1. Jesus’s Kingship means we are accountable to an authority higher than ourselves.
  2. Jesus’ Kingship means that we have access to a power that is greater than us.
  3. Jesus’ Kingship means that we are part of something far greater than our own lives, the Kingdom of God.


  1. Jesus’ authority can lead you through or out of morally confusing situations.
  2. Do you treat God’s Word as truly authoritative in your life?
  3. God’s power means we never have to be condemned when we hear God’s commands.  Jesus always gives power to do what he commands.
  4. If you are trapped in some sin or situation, Jesus’ goodness and power combined mean that God’s purpose is always to release you.  Take heart that he is willing and able to do this, pray accordingly and with hope!
  5. Do you live and make plans according to Christ’s kingly power, or only your own ability?
  6. Are you avoiding obedience because you doubt God’s power to enable you to obey?
  7. Our actions – good and bad  carry more weight because we are part of God’s Kingdom.  Do you live for God’s Kingdom, or just for your own plans?