God's people coming together to give him glory and to be transformed
A picture of worship from a wedding, not a Sunday! Which, ironically, includes our usual worship leader's brother, brother-in-law, mum and dad, but not her! Sorry Hannah!
for a few weeks we turned the church round 90 degrees to see if it worked better. It didn't, but it looks nice in pictures!

Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday mornings are a wonderful time when the whole church gets to gather together to give glory to God and to be transformed by a unique encounter with him. We believe this weekly meeting together with God is the beating heart of the Christian life, something that fills us up with God’s life and enables us to go out into the world and live out his Kingdom.

The meeting starts at 10:00am. The service is usually around one and half hours.

What To Expect

We aim for our meetings to feel like family but also with a real expectation that God will meet powerfully with us. Each week will usually include:

  • Worship, led by our musicians and singers
  • Testimony, sharing and prayer
  • Preaching from the Bible, usually by the Pastor
  • Communion, followed by prayer ministry and more worship

What about Kids?

All new children are vetted on arrival to see if they meet up to our strict quality control standards…
But seriously, kids are kids. Some are quiet and some are noisy. Some can sit and listen for hours, some for mere seconds. Church is a place where they should be welcomed and shown grace to grow into who God has called them to be. So no, we do not expect arbitrary standards of behaviour from children. As a church family our aim is for our services to have a good balance so that it’s a place where kids are welcomed and celebrated, but where they also learn to respect boundaries and be mindful of other people’s needs – we hope that reflects God’s heart well and we try to implement it graciously.

In terms of facilities there is a staffed crèche for babies and toddlers that is available shortly after the beginning of the service.

Children up to 11 usually stay in for the first half of the service and leave for Sunday school before the start of the preaching.

We encourage older children and teenagers to stay for the whole service as soon as they old enough to understand what is happening.  This on the basis that growing up worshipping and learning with the family of God is a vital part of their spiritual health and that their presence brings gifts to the family of God that help shape the corporate life of the church.